About Us

We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and a warm, safe and welcoming environment that is designed to provide your pet with very the best available veterinary care.

Veterinary Care For The Wellness Of Your Pets

Whether In Sickness Or In Health

Animal Health Care of Marlboro was started as a companion animal hospital on April 13, 1992. Through the combined experiences and efforts and a great deal of excitement of Dr. Steven Tepper, and Dr. Deborah Breitstein. Consequently, our goal was to provide comprehensive, high quality preventive medical, surgical, and dental care to our furry family members.

Above all, we envisioned creating a friendly and compassionate atmosphere. We are ready to have an open dialogue with you, our pet parents. Altogether, we give the best healthcare to New Jersey area pets. You will find that the Marlboro Veterinary staff is dedicated and intelligent. By all means we are able to give your pet the care that they deserve. With attention to the latest in research and service.

Due to this work, we are your other family doctor. Learn more about us and let’s meet your pet.

Our Doctors

Our Care Team

  • Mary Ann Harmyk
    Mary Ann Harmyk
    Office Manager
    Our go-to person who gets the job done

  • Penny Hubbard
    Penny Hubbard
    Receptionist: Customer Care Representative
    More than 20 years of dedication -- our 5 star true team player

  • Victoria Villafane
    Victoria Villafane
    Vet in Training
    our "vet in training" she just got accepted to vet school: from assistant-->nurse--> and now in 4 years DVM: doesn't need any more explaining: we're so proud:)

  • Chelsea Schlageter
    Chelsea Schlageter
    one of our quickest to learn: her customer interactions and service shows her utmost concern...

  • Elizabeth Douglas
    Elizabeth Douglas
    Veterinary Nurse: Outpatient Services
    we're fortunate to have Liz to share: general practice or emergency care she's got it goin' on...

  • Noel Bianchi
    Noel Bianchi
    Receptionist: Customer Care Representative Supervisor

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz
    Veterinary Nurse
    One of the happiest new additions to our Care Team members: one call and he does it all!

  • Tara Hynes
    Tara Hynes
    Veterinary Nurse: Outpatient and Surgical Services
    "Dental Diva"

  • Shannon Murino
    Shannon Murino
    Veterinary Nurse Supervisor: Outpatient and Surgical
    Care Giver Extraordinaire

  • Justine Jacobson
    Justine Jacobson
    Veterinary Nurse: Care Giver Extraordinaire
    Physical rehabilitation guru